Timeline of a Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implants Boca Raton, FL Although the timeline for dental implants varies for every patient based upon the specific needs they have, their availability, goals, and preferences, there are certain steps that are involved in the process. It is helpful to understand the various steps to have an estimated timeline of how long your treatment process might take.

Dental implant procedure: what is the timeline for tooth replacement?

The most notable steps in the dental implant process are the consultation visit, the bone graft procedure (if the procedure is necessary), the dental implant(s) placement procedure, and the placement of the restoration. In total, the process can take anywhere from six months to more than a year.

The consultation visit

The first step is to schedule a dental implants consultation with a licensed dentist that offers treatment. During the first visit, the dentist may order dental X-rays, conduct an oral examination, and discuss the patient’s treatment goals before putting together a recommended dental implants treatment plan that outlines each step in the process. The consultation visit typically only takes around an hour.

The bone graft procedure (if necessary)

The second step is the bone graft procedure. Many patients are able to forgo this step, particularly those that still have enough healthy bone inside of their jaw to support the dental implants. A bone graft procedure is a safe, surgical procedure that involves grafting new bone material where bone loss has occurred above or below the teeth that are being replaced with implant restorations. The recovery process from this procedure can take several months as the bone needs time to regenerate inside of the jaw.

The placement of the dental implant

The third step is the placement of the dental implant(s). This is also a surgical procedure that involves an incision into the gums and drilling a small hole in the jawbone, followed by the positioning of each implant and suturing the gums. Osseointegration must take place after the dental implants are placed, which can take two to three months on average.

The placement of the restoration

Once the dental implants have successfully fused together with the jawbone, then the fourth and final step can be scheduled, which is the placement of the dental restoration. The restoration that is used depends on how many teeth need replacement. The three options are an implant-supported crown (for one tooth), an implant-supported bridge (for a section of teeth), and an implant-supported complete denture, also called full arch replacement (for an entire row of teeth). The placement of the restoration (and the abutments that connect the restoration to the implants) is non-invasive, and the patient can return home and enjoy their new smile after the procedure.

The dental implant process starts with an initial consultation

Our dental practice enjoys assisting patients through the dental implant procedure, from the consultation visit to helping them keep their new smile in great condition long-term after the placement of the dental implants and restoration. To learn more and to start the treatment process, give our team a call today. Request an appointment here: https://www.regencycourtdentistry.com or call Regency Court Dentistry at (561) 566-5443 for an appointment in our Boca Raton office. Check out what others are saying about our dental services on Yelp: Dental Implants in Boca Raton, FL.

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