Privacy Policy

Regency Court Dentistry values our patients’ privacy as much as our own. Given the current state of online malicious activity we can appreciate our patients’ concerns regarding the information that they send to us via our website.

The information stated below defines our official company policies regarding how the information harvested from our website through both email communications and its online forms.

What Do We Use Your Information For?

For the most part the information that we collect from our website is used to improve not only our website, but the way we deliver the dental services that we offer as well. In addition to internal improvements the information that patients submit also helps us better serve them by enabling us to remain connected to their current status and needs.

What Kind Of Information Do We Collect?

Generally we collect contact information like your name, phone number, and email address. In addition to this we may ask for some basic marketing information like how you found out about us and what general dental care services that you may have an interest in.

3rd Party Links

At times and located throughout our website we may display an active link that is associated with a product and/or service that we promote and/or endorse. Since we do not control other websites not under our ownership we cannot be held responsible for the quality or lack of privacy control regarding these sites.

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