All About Safety Of Dental X-Rays For Your Kids

All About Safety Of Dental X-Rays For Your Kids

Dental X-rays wouldn’t be needed if all dental diseases were found above the gum line. This is not the case, though, so you need dental X-rays. Too often, damage, infections, and deterioration may happen in places the human eye can’t see. Special imaging equipment must be used to get a complete picture of a child’s mouth. But does it have any risks? Will a child be in danger if they get a lot of radiation? If you keep reading, you’ll hear from a pediatric dentist who will tell you why the dental X-rays used today are safer for taking pictures of your child’s smile.

Why Does My Child Need X-rays Of Their Teeth?

Even though it might seem like dental X-rays are only needed for older teeth, the truth is that even young smiles are changing in many ways. Because of this, a dentist must be able to track how a patient’s teeth, gums, and bite change over time. Even though everything might look fine on the outside (above the gum line), there could be problems below the surface that can only be seen with high-resolution imaging. This is still true even if everything looks fine above the gum line.

Why Should Kids Get Dental X-rays?

Even though X-rays are used to diagnose problems, they can also be used to find problems in your child’s mouth before they become big problems. Without an X-ray, a dentist may not be able to see many issues with your child’s teeth and the tissue around them, such as small areas of decay under fillings, bone infections, abscesses, and tumors.

X-rays are also needed to find problems like problems with the jaw or tooth roots, as well as gum disease, such as gingivitis. For a treatment plan to work, it is crucial to find these problems as soon as possible.

Without X-rays, problems that aren’t obvious could go undiagnosed, causing them to worsen over time and even putting your child’s health at risk. If you don’t treat gum infection, it can spread to the lungs, heart, and brain, among other places.

With The Help Of Dental X-rays, A Pedodontist Can Figure Out Some Problems, Such As:

  • A toothache is a disease that affects the pulp or the base of a tooth.

  • Wisdom teeth that are too close together and facing the wrong way make them press on healthy teeth.

  • Whether or not there is enough space for the adult teeth to come in.

  • If milk teeth are coming out the right way.

  • If cysts or other abnormal growths appear

  • If a cavity starts to form in the space between two teeth,

  • Is It Safe To Get Dental X-rays?

    Dental X-rays, common today and used by most dentists, do not pose any danger to children. Since they switched to digital, they use up to 90% less radiation than they did with traditional film. Also, because this digital radiography makes higher-quality pictures, dentists can see the whole mouth cavity of the patient and develop a more accurate treatment plan. In addition, the digital part makes it possible to save photos electronically, making it much easier to find them if you need them.

    If your child’s pediatric dentist tells you that your child needs X-rays, you can be sure that the process will be quick and easy and that your child won’t feel any pain. Your child will be asked to sit still while wearing a lead apron and a thyroid collar to cover their body. A small sensor will quickly take the needed pictures while the child is safe. Each X-ray only takes a hundredth of a second, so the whole procedure takes much less time and exposes the patient to much less radiation.

    Whether or not your child needs dental X-rays as often as others may depend on their teeth’ health. The dentist caring for your child will decide what to do about this. But even if they need imaging more often, you can be sure that all the proper steps will be taken to keep your child safe at the dentist’s office. This will make you feel better and safer. You can visit our dental clinic for the best dental x-ray procedures for your kids.