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What Are the 4 Most Popular Smile Makeover Procedures?

For personal and professional reasons, people seek cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve the appearance of their teeth. Some people are self-conscious about their teeth and want a cosmetic makeover, although it’s understandable that this is the case. You may feel self-conscious because of misalignment, chipped, or yellowing teeth.

Make the most of your time by exploring all of your alternatives, even if you have no idea where to begin. Inquire about the treatment plan, expenses, and circumstances that may make some treatments better suited for you than others. Here are five of the most common smile makeover operations done by Aesthetic dentistry.

The way you grin will alter after a smile makeover.

Tooth Bonding

Any type of tooth damage or discoloration can be repaired with this process. You may use this technique to extend a tooth shorter than the rest of your teeth.

Your dentist in Boca Raton will use a resin to match your natural teeth. Before applying the bonding substance, your dentist will roughen the surface of your tooth. After that, the resin will be attached and shaped to match your smile. After half an hour, you can continue your activities if anesthesia is not required.

A veneer

Porcelain veneers can be used to repair damaged or cracked teeth. If you have teeth that vary in length or thickness, you can employ them to make them appear uniform in size. Veneers, sometimes mistaken for crowns, are fragile shells of resin or porcelain bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth.

Veneers might be used to improve the appearance of multiple teeth or just one that isn’t quite right for you. Boca Raton Dentists may remove some of your teeth’s enamel during this operation. After the surgery, some over-the-counter painkillers may be required to treat residual soreness. If you choose veneers, you’re stuck with them for the rest of your life.

The crowns

For teeth that cannot be filled, crowns are a standard solution. Candidates for this operation include those with weaker, broken, or worn teeth. Several materials can be used to make crowns, including metal, porcelain, or resin. We use porcelain, zirconia, and E-MAX crowns at Regency Court Dentistry to ensure your smile looks natural.

The position of your tooth, the quality of your gum tissue, and the reasons why you need a crown will all be taken into consideration by your dentist when deciding on the look, size, color, and material of the crown.

Teeth whitening

Unlike over-the-counter tooth whitening treatments, Boca Raton dentists undertake in-office procedures that produce superior outcomes than those achieved by using whitening strips. Several visits may be required to achieve the desired result.

Dentists in Boca Raton protect your gums while performing teeth whitening. First, your Boca Raton dentist will check the color of your teeth and remove any plaque present. Your teeth will be coated with a solution that may need light to begin working. To keep your mouth open and dry, your dentist may use gauze or a retractor, as well as barriers to keep the whitening solution away from your gums.

The dentists at Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton, FL, can give you a new smile. This is a significant life decision, and your investment in your smile deserves attention. Make an appointment right away to get started on the path to a whiter, more healthy smile! As your partner in your smile makeover, the Regency Court Dentistry team is here to answer any questions regarding the best treatment for you.