Same-Day Crowns and Traditional Crowns

Final Decision On Same Day Crown And Traditional Crown

Your dentist may have told you that your tooth needs a crown. Know that you aren’t on your own. Fifteen million Americans have already had crowns or bridges put on their teeth. The good news is that you have more than one way to do this common thing. This means you can find a solution that fits your needs and budget. You might be worried about how the cost, quality, or treatment process of same-day and traditional crowns differ. Keeping simple pros and cons can help you decide which option is best. Read on to find out everything you need about same-day and regular crowns.

How Are The Methods of Dental Crown Treatment Different?

When you get a crown on the same day, you only have to visit the dentist once. They use an intraoral camera and computer-aided design to make a 3D image of your damaged tooth. After making a model of your crown, your dentist will use a CEREC machine to make your crown on the same day. When done, your dentist will prepare your tooth and then glue it on the new crown. To do everything in a little under an hour is a breeze. It takes two visits to get traditional crowns on teeth most of the time. You can count on your dentist to take x-rays and do any other work that needs to be done, such as a root canal. Then, they will make a mold of your tooth, which a lab will use to make it. By the end of your first appointment, your dentist will have put a temporary crown on your tooth to protect it until your permanent crown is ready in 2 to 3 weeks. On your second visit, the temporary crown will be taken off, your mouth will be numbed, and the permanent crown will be put in.

How To Decide Between The Prices Of Same Day Crown And Traditional Crown?

If you’re trying to decide between same-day and traditional crowns, you might wonder which one costs more. Sometimes, the cost of getting a ceramic crown made at your dentist’s office or in a lab is the same. Ultimately, what you pay out of pocket will depend on what your dentist’s office charges and what your insurance covers. You can usually get a cost estimator from a dental insurance company or ask your dentist’s office. You should know, though, that a same-day crown could save you money because one dental visit is cheaper than two. Depending on your insurance, this could mean the difference between one and two copays.

What Are The Pros Of Getting A Crown On The Same Day?

If you want to save time, same-day crowns for your teeth are the way to go. You won’t need a temporary crown, and you won’t have to wait weeks for the permanent one to return from a lab. Also, you have one dentist visit. You’ll also feel better because of it. If you’re worried about the pain of getting your teeth crowned, know that with same-day crowns, you’ll need fewer injections than with traditional crowns. Also, your dentist can make a model for the height without using uncomfortable impressions. Instead, they can use a digital scanner. Your teeth are also more likely to stay healthy and not get cavities. This is because you don’t use temporary crowns, which often don’t fit well and can make it easier for bacteria to get into the tooth.

What Are The Cons Of Getting A Crown On The Same Day?

One of the biggest problems with same-day crowns compared to traditional crowns is that they tend to be less robust and more likely to break. Because a CEREC crown is made of ceramic, which is not as strong as metal or porcelain, this is the case. Another problem is how they look. Same-day crowns look natural and fit the teeth well, but you may need more time to get a custom shade you like. If you want to know what to expect, your dentist can show you pictures of a patient with a similar dental crown treatmentcase to yours. Lastly, not all patients can get crowns on the same day. If your tooth is broken under the gum line, your dentist may be unable to make a good map with the imaging camera.

What’s Good About A Traditional Crown?

Traditional crowns tend to be stronger than CEREC crowns, which dentists make quickly on-site. This is because conventional crowns are made in a lab. Traditional crowns are also stronger because there are more materials to choose from. Same-day crowns can only be made of ceramic, but traditional crowns can be made of either metal or porcelain. Another benefit is that traditional crowns can look more natural than CEREC crowns. You can get a more accurate tooth color by choosing porcelain or ceramic, and an expert can also make your crown fit perfectly with your other teeth.

What Are The Terrible Things About Old-Fashioned Crowns?

One of the worst things about traditional crowns is that you have to wait. You must make more than one appointment and may wait weeks before you get your permanent crown. You can also expect to get a temporary crown while your permanent crown is being made in a lab. This quick solution at least gives you a tooth, but it could be more comfortable because it fits better.

Same-Day Crowns vs. Traditional Crowns: Making the Final Decision

Ultimately, you’ll choose the right crown based on how convenient, comfortable, high-quality, and affordable it is. Same-day crowns are suitable if you want a quick and easy solution, and don’t mind that the materials and durability are limited. Traditional crowns are ideal if you don’t mind going to the dentist twice and want more options for a tooth that fits you well and can handle more wear and tear. When deciding between same-day crowns and traditional crowns, we’re happy to talk to you about your needs in a consultation.