Reasons to Consider Porcelain Dental Crowns

Porcelain Dental Crowns Boca Raton, FL Porcelain dental crowns are becoming more popular and common in dentist’s offices. Patients like them too, and it is not difficult to see why. There are many benefits to using this material for a crown. If your dentist has told you that you need a crown on one of your teeth, consider asking about porcelain. You can also learn more about how this material makes sense before you go in for your next visit.

The purpose of dental crowns

When teeth suffer damage or have cosmetic concerns, there are ways to restore them. A dental crown is one of the most effective devices for doing this. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over the top of an affected tooth. Porcelain dental crowns and others have various uses. The dentist may place one over a diseased or decayed tooth to protect it. Crowns can stabilize a weak tooth and preserve what remains of its structure. A crown may also help to hold a denture or bridge in place. When a crown is tooth-colored, it may be a good alternative to teeth whitening. Crowns can also repair the shape and form of a tooth that has become misshapen or misaligned.

Porcelain dental crowns are aesthetically pleasing

In previous decades, dentists commonly used metal crowns to repair teeth. These were effective but also were quite noticeable in the mouth. It could make a self-conscious person feel embarrassed because other people could see the crown. A porcelain crown is tooth-colored, so it blends in well with the surrounding natural teeth. In this way, the crown is virtually invisible and undetectable. This material enhances the person’s smile.

The crowns are durable

The last thing a patient wants is to put a cap over a tooth, only to have that crown break or fall out. Porcelain dental crowns can last up to seven years or more, depending on how well the patient takes care of them. With these crowns, the person can chew most foods and can have a strong bite force. Still, the patient should not use their teeth to open packages or bottles. It is good to limit the consumption of hard and sticky foods.

No safety concerns

One of the worries that people have about metal crowns is that this type can react negatively with some people. Some patients have allergic responses to these crowns. But porcelain dental crowns do not pose such risks. The crowns comply well with the mouth and the rest of the body.


Dental work can challenge a person’s budget. People will need to make a financial commitment to restore their teeth and smile. Porcelain dental crowns can cost less than metal crowns. Plus, factoring in the durability and cosmetic appeal, and porcelain crowns make a lot of sense.

A good choice to restore your tooth

A broken, decayed, or unsightly tooth can be difficult to live with. Thankfully, you can turn to porcelain dental crowns to make things right. You no longer have to hide your smile. Consider the benefits of a porcelain crown. Then call your dentist and schedule a time for your treatment. Request an appointment here: or call Regency Court Dentistry at (561) 566-5443 for an appointment in our Boca Raton office. Check out what others are saying about our dental services on Yelp: Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges in Boca Raton, FL.

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