How a General Dentist Places a Dental Implant Crown

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Placing an implant crown is the last stage of dental implant restoration. The success of the osseointegration will prompt the installation of the abutment. After about two weeks of healing, the dentist can place the custom-fit crown. If you want to find out how a general dentist places a dental implant crown, here are the details.

The process

Finishing the dental implant procedure involves the placement of the dental crown. The dentist will wait for about six months for the titanium rod to fuse with the jawbone and gum tissue. This is the process of osseointegration. The dentist will schedule a second procedure.

The second procedure’s aim is to open up the top of the implant. Some patients need a collar over the top of the implant. This will guide the gum tissue to heal the right way. As soon as tissue healing happens, the dentist will remove the collar. The general dentist will place the abutment in place of the collar. Taking the impressions of the abutment will take place for the fabrication of the dental crown.

The dental lab will create the permanent implant crown while osseointegration happens. Fabrication of a dental crown will take about two to three weeks. Then, the dentist will call the patient to come back for the placement of the permanent crown.

The implant crown selection and placement

Choosing the most optimal type of dental crown will happen before the dental implant placement. The dental lab will send the finished crown. The dentist will check the crown to make sure it is high quality. Matching it with the color of the patient’s natural teeth and making sure it fits well will come next.

Giving the area a local anesthetic first will ensure the comfort of the patient. The general dentist will then bond or screw the implant crown to the abutment. There could be minor adjustments to the implant crown. This can happen if it is not in alignment with the neighboring teeth.

A screw-retained dental crown will allow easy removal for replacement or repairs. There will be a visible hole on the top part of this implant crown. That is why general dentists use it to replace the back teeth. The screw can loosen over time as well. Tightening the screws again will need a dental visit.

A bonded or cemented dental crown has a distinct dental cement attaching it to the abutment. These are for teeth near the front of the mouth. These are good-looking but may be difficult to maintain or replace. The general dentist must remove the entire crown to replace it.

Using an implant crown to replace a tooth can transform a patient’s smile

Tooth loss can receive a more stable restoration with dental implant surgery. The titanium rods act as the tooth roots. Successful fusion of these rods with the jawbone and surrounding tissues must happen. This will ensure the stability of the implants. The final stage of the procedure is the implant crown placement. This will complete the patient’s full smile makeover from your general dentist.

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