3 Tips to Care for Your Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners Boca Raton, FL

To straighten crooked teeth, clear aligners can be an effective treatment. There are advantages to using this method over others that your dentist may use. Misaligned teeth can hinder your smile and make you feel embarrassed about your appearance. Aligners can solve these issues and improve your oral health as well. If you have aligners, make sure you maintain them properly. This will help your treatment be more effective.

How clear aligners work

Aligners are clear plastic mouthguards that fit over the person’s teeth. The aligners put pressure on the teeth, forcing them to move into the right places in the mouth. To fit the patient with aligners, the dentist will create a 3D model of the teeth. The patient will get a new set of aligners every few weeks as the teeth shift.

Patients do not have to wear aligners 24 hours a day. Instead, the individual can remove them for a few hours a day. People who wear aligners should take them out to eat and to clean them. The treatment time for aligners is typically shorter than other methods. Sometimes, it can take as few as six months to straighten teeth. People also like this treatment because the aligners are comfortable and virtually invisible.

Rinse them frequently

Though people who wear clear aligners should remove them during meals, food and other debris can still get trapped in them. Saliva and other materials can also get on and inside the mouthpieces. This can lead to bacteria growth and odors. To help prevent this, it is helpful to rinse them off several times a day. Doing so under warm water can keep them clean, looking nice, and smelling good.

Brush and floss

Good oral hygiene is as vital for someone who wears clear aligners as for someone who does not. Regular brushing and flossing should still take place often. Not only will this reduce the risk of the person getting cavities or developing gum disease, but these activities keep the aligners clean and functioning well. Putting a set of aligners over clean and healthy teeth is a good way to care for them. Make sure the toothpaste is fluoride-based. The person should floss daily and brush at least twice a day.

Soak them

Another good way to clean and maintain clear aligners is to soak them each day. Doing this for about an hour every day will disinfect germs. It will also keep the aligners from staining and smelling poorly. Patients should ask their dentist what to use for soaking their aligners.

Taking care of your aligners will lead to the smile you want

If you wear clear aligners, you should take good care of them. Ignoring these tips can lengthen treatment time or even damage the mouthpieces. You need your aligners to work effectively during the entire treatment period. Keep these tips in mind and practice them so you can achieve the smile you have been looking for. You can also discuss any concerns or questions you may have with your dentist.

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