An Esthetic Dentist Answers Questions About Bicompatible Dental Materials

Cosmetic Dentist Boca Raton, FL For people dealing with severe tooth damage or loss, an esthetic dentist can help recreate a smile that is both functional and beautiful. Many esthetic dentists prioritize the use of biocompatible materials when treating patients for optimal results. Understanding this type of approach and how it impacts treatment can help patients make a more informed decision for their dental and overall health.

Top questions about biocompatible dental materials

While this type of dentistry is not necessarily new, it has increased in its popularity in recent years. Many people may not be familiar with the methods and practices behind biocompatible dentistry and have many questions concerning this approach.

What is biocompatible dentistry?

Biocompatible dentistry is a holistic approach to oral health. It takes into consideration how a specific treatment or material may impact the patient as a whole. Some people may be sensitive to certain chemicals and materials used in common dental treatments, from fillings to fluoride treatments to root canals. A professional who practices this type of dentistry chooses options that are biocompatible with a patient and are less likely to cause an adverse reaction, both immediately and long-term.

How does an esthetic dentist determine which materials are appropriate for a specific patient?

A simple blood test is used to determine which specific materials may be toxic or harmful to a patient. A blood sample is sent to a lab where it is exposed to a variety of dental materials that may incite a specific immune response. The results are then analyzed to determine which of these materials may lead to an adverse reaction in the patient. This allows the dentist to determine which materials are the right choice for individual dental treatment.

What procedures are often suggested in biocompatible dentistry?

An esthetic dentist often recommends that patients with amalgam fillings have the material replaced with a safer alternative, such as:
  • Composite resin filling
  • Porcelain inlay or onlay
  • Porcelain or composite resin crown
Not only are they options more natural-looking, but they also help reduce exposure to mercury, a material present in amalgam fillings. Dentists who focus on a biocompatible approach may use digital X-rays and recommend alternatives to traditional fluoride treatments and root canals as well.

Are traditional dental materials unsafe?

It is important to note that the American Dental Association consistently evaluates the products and techniques used in dentistry and has deemed many materials, such as amalgam fillings and fluoride treatments, both safe and effective for the average patient. However, just as with certain allergens, specific materials may cause an adverse reaction in some people while others may experience no side effects. Therefore, while most traditional dental materials in use today are safe for patients, a person should discuss all available options with an esthetic dentist and weigh the pros and cons of each before settling on a treatment plan.


Determining whether certain dental materials are biocompatible with a patient can be beneficial. Working with an esthetic dentist can help you choose a treatment plan that is safe, effective, and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. Request an appointment here: or call Regency Court Dentistry at (561) 566-5443 for an appointment in our Boca Raton office. Check out what others are saying about our dental services on Yelp: Cosmetic Dentist in Boca Raton, FL.

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