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Dental Fillings| We Offer Permanent and Temporary Filling Procedures


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Dental Fillings

These days there are many choices for the type of dental filling that can be used based on the specific dental condition. Dr. Fatmi and the staff at Regency Court Dentistry can help decide which type of filling is right for you based on factors including the filling location and severity of the tooth decay along with the cost of the filling and insurance coverage.

The following are general advantages and disadvantages of the available filling options:


Porcelain Fillings

Appearance – These type of newer dental fillings include ceramic and plastic compounds that appear as natural teeth and are commonly used in the front areas of the mouth.

Resistant – Porcelain fillings are more resistant to staining and will hold a whiter smile.

A disadvantage to porcelain fillings is they can be more abrasive and wear opposing teeth if the porcelain becomes rough.

Gold Fillings

Durability — Gold fillings are very durable and can last at least 10 to 15 years; and usually longer. Gold fillings also do not corrode over time.

Strength — Gold fillings are very strong and can withstand chewing forces.

Aesthetics — Gold fillings can be more pleasing than silver or amalgam fillings.

The disadvantages of gold fillings are that they can be more expensive than other fillings and they may require at least two office visits.

Composite Fillings

Aesthetics — Composite fillings can be closely matched to the shade/color of the existing teeth and are well suited for use in front teeth or visible parts of teeth.

Bonding — Composite fillings go through a process of chemically bonding to the tooth structure, providing extensive support.

Versatility — Composite fillings are versatile in that they can also be used to repair broken, chipped or worn down teeth.

The disadvantages of these fillings can be that they tend to wear out sooner compared to other fillings that last longer.

Temporary Fillings

Temporary fillings are just that; they are not meant to last. They usually last a month and will then begin to wear out or fracture. They are most commonly used for dental emergencies treating a tooth ache and can be used for placement for gold fillings or composite fillings that can require more than one visit. Temporary fillings can also be used following a rot canal and while a tooth’s nerve is settling.

To learn more, or to schedule a dental filling appointment, call us at (561) 998-0727 or fill out the online form displayed on the right-hand side column of this page. As with any dental appointment, Dr. Fatmi and the staff at Regency Court Dentistry will discuss with you all of the options and help you choose the best filling for your particular case.