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Dental Extractions and Tooth Removal

Dr. Fatmi and the friendly staff at Regency Court Dentistry implements the latest modern techniques and expertise in tooth extraction to ensure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible for faster healing times. When a tooth needs to be removed you can depend upon Regency Court Dentistry for skilled, experienced dental care. We offer gentle sedation options to help ease the extraction process for all in-office extraction.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (561) 998-0727 or fill out the online form displayed on the left-hand side column of this page. As with any dental appointment, Dr. Fatmi and the staff at Regency Court Dentistry will discuss with you all of the options and help you choose the best treatment options for your particular case.

Post-extraction Healing and Checkup

Following a tooth extraction, small bleeding may occur for the first hour after the extraction while the clotting process completes. The open wound will take roughly five to seven days to heal and the tooth socket will continue to fill in with soft gum tissue over the next one to two months. During this process we will schedule a follow up visit to ensure the healing is properly progressing and that no infections have occurred.

Reasons and Causes That Lead To Tooth Extractions

Dental extractions and tooth removal are common procedures for patients suffering from badly fractured teeth, that need to provide room for orthodontic treatments, or the removal of wisdom teeth. Depending on the situation and condition of the tooth extractions are either performed surgically or non-surgically.

More often than not, the majority of extractions are performed through a non-surgical procedure with local anesthesia to relieve any discomfort or pain. Surgical extractions are commonly performed when a tooth or a series of teeth are not easily accessible but they have not yet come in through the gum line or have fractured underneath the gum line. If your case requires surgical extractions we can refer you to a number of qualified oral surgeons to treat you.