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Single Tooth Replacement Dental Implant

Dental implant technology provides a superior alternative to the traditional single tooth replacement option known as a three unit bright or tooth supported bridge. A tooth supported bridge utilizes the two adjacent teeth around the missing tooth to support the replacement crown. This procedure is often implemented by cutting down or shaping the supporting teeth into a peg shape designed to fit the supporting cemented bridge into place. The downside to this procedure is that it destroys the natural bite shape and definition of the supporting teeth in order to properly support the replacement bridge.

Unlike the tooth supported bridge, an implant supported crown preserves the healthy structure of the surrounding teeth which significantly reduces the need for additional dental procedures to the tooth replacement in the future. Since dental implants are designed to utilize the existing jaw bone directly underneath the missing teeth, there is no additional damage to the surrounding teeth. In fact, dental implants promote bone growth near the missing tooth which also helps strengthen the bone around the adjacent teeth.

A Healthier, Longer Lasting Tooth Replacement

Unlike the tooth supported bridge method, dental implants also provide a longer lasting replacement solution that can last the lifetime of the patient depending on the placement and the individual’s bone health. Teeth supported bridges, on the other hand, frequently develop decay on the supporting teeth that can lead to root-canals as well as periodontal bone loss. These potential complications eventually lead to the failure of the overall bridge and additional procedures over the patient’s lifetime.

Dental implants not only provide a tooth replacement solution that is healthier to your mouth, they also provide additional benefits including:

  • A much more natural look, feel and function
  • A stronger bite that provides chewing that is much closer to a natural tooth
  • Easier maintenance and cleaning
  • It does not decay or lead to a root canal

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