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Full Mouth Dental Implant Replacement Solutions

Unlike dentures, dental implants are designed to not only replace the missing tooth but the missing root is replaced as well; this helps secure the jaw structure and reduce bone lose that naturally occurs after tooth loss. Additional benefits of replacing the root and tooth structure together are the strength, durability and longevity of the restoration. Full mouth dental implants procedures are designed to secure permanent dentures for a whole mouth restoration.  Much like a single tooth restoration, a full mouth dental implant restoration provides a more natural look and feel to natural teeth. Also, unlike full mouth dentures, dental implants provide a stronger and more permanent mouth that requires less maintenance than dentures.

Dentures and Bone Lose

Whenever a natural tooth is severely compromised or missing, the absence of a tooth root in the jawbone leads to the bone resorption process. This process leads to significant bone lose over time that can reshape the overall facial structure by collapsing the jawbone inwards after a prolonged period of time.

What if I have been wearing dentures for years?

Technological advancements in modern dentistry has provided numerous permanent solutions for patients who otherwise would not have been good candidates for implants. Patients who have already experienced bone resorption may still be viable candidates for full mouth dental implants through a bone grafting procedure. The bone grafting procedure allows the jawbone to be restructured in a way that will support a lasting full mouth dental implant procedure. Once the grafting has taken hold; the implant procedure will help maintain and promote bone growth in much the same way as a single tooth or multiple tooth implant procedure.


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