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Regency Court Dentistry As Seen In - Florida Health Care News

06 Mar


Thanks to a comprehensive treatment plan, one patient feels like she has finally found the right dental office.

I needed extensive dental work,” remembers Cecile Marlowe. “I was a dental mess. I had infections in my mouth, teeth were falling out and I had teeth that were protruding.”

It wasn’t for lack of trying or neglect of her oral health that Cecile found herself in such a difficult situation.

I have a whole history with dentistry,” she reflects. “It started when I was twelve years old and I had twenty-four cavities. I’ve had all my teeth capped twice in my life, and practically every tooth has had to be root canaled as well.”

Since moving to the area, Cecile has gone through several providers but was dissatisfied with the results, which included some less than exemplary cosmetic work.

I’ve already been through three or four dentists in the fourteen years that I’ve been here,” she explains. “One of those dentists capped my two front teeth but they protruded. I paid an awful lot of money and they just weren’t right.”

Cecile reached the end of her quest when she consulted Naved Fatmi, DMD, of Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton.

I started there two years ago,” she recalls, “and the entire team – from the hygienist to the office manager – is so attentive to you and so caring that I was really taken with them. They made me feel both comfortable and confident in them.”

“Happy Camper”

Although she did not suffer from the same white coat syndrome as some patients, Cecile is impressed by the emergency services available at Regency Court Dentistry.

If you call up with an emergency, you can come in that day and he sees you,” she confirms. “But I have never had to wait long for an appointment, and I appreciate that.”

Cecile also appreciates the diligent care she has received over these last two years, which has led to improvements both in her smile and her general oral health.

First, Dr. Fatmi worked on getting rid of the infection,” she recalls. “Then I needed to have a few teeth removed, and get a complete denture for my upper teeth. They are beautiful! They’re not protruding anymore, and Dr. Fatmi made sure that the shades match with my lower teeth. He’s precise in his work, and I mean to the millimeter.

“Then came my bottom teeth, which were just rotting away. This past year, I got dentures on the bottom, so now I have a complete set of dentures.”

Cecile is thrilled with her dentist today.

What I really like about Dr. Fatmi is that he sits down and talks to you face to face,” she says. “He’s very attentive and sensitive to the patient’s needs. He tells you about all your options, which I really appreciate. His dental hygienist is also wonderful, very attentive and very friendly. You feel very warm and comfortable in their office. I am one happy camper.”

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