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More Than Dentistry - Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton, FL

09 Mar


Improve your look with medical aesthetics at this Boca Raton dental office

A lifelong aesthetician, Elsa Vasquez found the perfect place to serve clients thanks to her trusted dentist, Naved Fatmi, DMD, at Regency Court Dentistry.

I have been a patient of Dr. Fatmi’s for about five years; in fact, my entire family goes to him for our dental care,” Elsa says. “He is wonderful, and his team members are fantastic! Several years ago, I was talking to him about aesthetics, and we started a conversation about his desire to add those components to his practice. One thing led to another, and I started to provide the services to his patients.”

For patients seeking a bit of facial rejuvenation treatments to go along with that smile, Regency Court Dentistry offers JUVÉDERM® and BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments, pregnancy and hydro facials, microdermabrasion and skin hydration therapy, as well as treatment for acne, rosacea and other skin conditions.

When treating a patient with acne, for example, the treatment regimen will focus on controlling the spread of bacteria, while at the same time regenerating the skin and making it healthier,” Elsa explains. “For a patient with rosacea, I help the person control the rosacea and treat the inflammation because there is currently no cure. It’s a very rewarding job for me to help people feel and look better.

Elsa feels she is fortunate to be able to share her knowledge and expertise with Dr. Fatmi’s patients.

I am thrilled and feel fortunate to be working with Dr. Fatmi, his staff and his patients to provide a full line of medical aesthetics to enhance the beautiful smiles Dr. Fatmi helps his patients achieve,” Elsa shares. “It is very satisfying for me to see a person’s entire self-image change because they have a beautiful smile and look great cosmetically. It’s rewarding to make people feel good about themselves!

More Than Just Teeth

Aesthetic services are becoming more readily available at many dental offices as an additional treatment option,” Dr. Fatmi explains. “Who knows your facial structure better than your dentist?

“I love the aesthetics part of dentistry,” he continues, “because it provides positive change for the patient, sometimes in just one day. JUVÉDERM results are evident the day they leave my office. BOTOX Cosmetic results are apparent within three or four days, in most cases. For someone who may be more introverted or shy about their appearance, this is a huge boost to their self-esteem.”

Elsa says she takes great pride in her role in restoring patient’s skin and making them feel good about how they look overall.

Patients will come in and have their teeth straightened, repaired, whitened, and when they look in the mirror, they still may feel something is missing,” she explains. “I am here to help them diminish facial lines, get rid of acne scarring and whatever other issues they feel are bothering them with their face. People want the whole package now and by offering medical aesthetics here in the dental office, they can get all of their needs met under one roof.”

The most important thing I want people to understand is that it doesn’t matter how old a person is, and it doesn’t matter what the problem is or where the problem came from,” says Dr. Fatmi. “Regency Court Dentistry gives people the solutions they seek in order to restore their confidence.

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