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Giving Back - The Arc of The Glades Dental Restorative Care - Regency Court Dentistry

03 Apr

Last month we had the opportunity to help clients from The Arc of The Glades, who received much needed dental restorative care, generously provided by Dr. Naved Fatmi as well as preventive, dental hygiene services provided by Sue Kassoff-Correia.    

Dr. Fatmi and staff reserved the morning to treat those clients who had been experiencing pain and tooth decay, by performing extractions and restoring their smiles and functional ability with bridges and partial dentures. In addition, each patient was provided hygiene services, followed with oral hygiene instructions for both the patient and his or her caretaker, for continued home care. 

The Arc of The Glades is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation providing adult education, pre-vocational, sheltered activities, vocational, Supported Living, Supported Employment and Community Integration Services for adults with cognitive disabilities and/or other developmental disabilities.  For more information, click here

At Regency Court Dentistry we are dedicated to the overall health of our patients and the local community. Giving back to the community is extremely important to us.  If you would like to see how Dr. Fatmi and his professional staff can help you with your dental needs call us at (561) 998-0727 or send an email to