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Dental Hygiene Achievement Award - Regency Court Dentistry Boca Raton, FL

06 Jun


Congratulations to Vanessa Perez on receiving the Dental Hygiene Achievement Award.

This is a special recognition award for a student who has demonstrated significant improvement in clinical skills and patient treatment during the duration of the dental hygiene program.  The award is generously funded by Dr. Naved Fatmi, a strong supporter of dental hygiene education.

Vanessa has great achievement in the following:

  • Patient oral health assessment
  • Treatment plan sequencing and care plan documentation
  • Patient interaction and patient clinical treatment skills
  • Selection and use of adjunctive therapies
  • Interaction with classmates and faculty
  • Professional development activities

Dr Fatmi is truly a great mentor to and advocate of the dental hygiene program at PBSC. He served as Adjunct Clinical Dentist and continues to support the programs with his generous gift.   Vanessa will be required to take a few additional exams but would certainly be fortunate to work for Dr Fatmi! ” – Sue Kassoff-Correia