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Dentist Provides Flexibility to Patients - Regency Court Dentistry Boca Raton, 33434

10 Aug


This Boca Raton dentist provides flexibility to patients, along with a comforting chairside manner.

Working the graveyard shift as a data engineer not only impedes Brian Riccomini’s sleep schedule, but also his ability to make and keep appointments in daytime hours, when he wants to sleep or relax before his next shift begins.

Brian Riccomini underwent restorative dental work at Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton.

When Brian was looking for a dentist with hours that would accommodate his hectic lifestyle, he needed to look no further than Regency Court Dentistry.

“There was a lot of work I needed to have done because it had been so long since I had seen a dentist,” Brian shares. “Regency Court was very accommodating to my schedule. Their flexibility was a huge factor for me. It really drew me in to the office.”

Regency Court Dentistry prides itself on providing comprehensive dental care in a comfortable, relaxed environment. This was also something Brian sought out, as he had a long, negative experience with a prior dental office.

“I had a dentist growing up who had absolutely no chairside manner whatsoever,” Brian recalls. “To be honest, he was scary. As a result of that, I just stopped going to the dentist, and my overall oral health suffered tremendously.”

Brian says he suffered depression as a teenager and into his adulthood. Poor self-image was something he struggled with. “I became embarrassed of my teeth and my smile. This went on for many, many years.

“When I finally went to Regency Court, I was at a point where I needed a complete overhaul, but, again, I still had underlying fears based on past dental experiences. I was young and I did not want to lose my teeth, so I knew a change was in order. I forced myself into it.”

No More Fear

Regency Court Dentistry specializes in denture repairs, extractions, root canals and crown repair.

In the four years since Brian became a patient, he has undergone extensive restorative work, including root canals, crowns and dental implants.

“He has had nearly a full mouth restoration,” Dr. Fatmi says. “He was only in his early forties when he first came in, so he was far too young to have such drastic oral health issues. He had cavities, infected gums and sensitivity to hot and cold. It seems like he had every issue I could think of. Both he and I wanted to save his teeth, so we developed a long-range plan to do just that.”

For patients like Brian, who are apprehensive, Dr. Fatmi and his staff work hard to ensure that every experience in the office is pleasant and relaxing. They work closely with patients to ease his or her fears and erase the anxious feelings they may have.

“We treat people with dignity and compassion from beginning to end,” Dr. Fatmi assures. “We want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease throughout their experience.”

“We see a lot of people who have dental anxiety,” he explains. “Brian had a very bad childhood dental experience that progressed into his early adulthood. As a result, he let his teeth go. We work hard to eradicate those fears and build a relationship with every patient.”

“In Brian’s case, a procedure that may have taken an hour to do instead took an hour and a half to complete because I did not want to rush him. I wanted to take my time and allow him to be comfortable with the process.”

Brian says his fear of dentists is now behind him.

“Dr. Fatmi can make anyone feel comfortable,” Brian assures. “I am the biggest scaredy-cat there is, and he eased all of my fears.”

Dr. Fatmi says an important part of the reassuring process is to be forthcoming with patients about the procedures and processes involved in their care.

“We are very open with patients and explain what their options are and how we can proceed to help them achieve a healthier smile. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with the patient to achieve good oral health.”

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