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18 May


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When the need for emergency dental care arises, the professionals at Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton provide all-inclusive dental care under one roof. Regency Court Dentistry prides itself on offering emergency dentistry services. Visitors to an emergency dental practice have often waited longer than needed, until an easily fixable problem has escalated to an emergency. Patients in this situation can get the help they need in a timely manner at Regency Court.Mr. Long received comprehensive dental care from Dr. Naved Fatmi of Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton.

In fact, one patient with an abscessed tooth found out just how accommodating Dr. Fatmi and his staff can be.

“I was in a lot of pain with an infection in one of my teeth,” explains Mr. Long. “I work as an entertainer, a singer. I’m always performing and I was at a point where I was in so much pain that I could not focus. The upper right jaw area of my mouth had swelled up before and I just lived with it, I waited for it to subside. But not this time. The pain was just intolerable to me. I could not sing or perform if I wanted to. I had to do something about it.”

Mr. Long says his family members researched the surrounding area and found Regency Court Dentistry.

“We called the office and pressed the emergency number and they saw me the same day,” he says. “I was impressed by that, and the fact that Dr. Fatmi was able to save the tooth without pulling it.”

“We see patients on the weekends and after hours,” notes Naved Fatmi, DMD. “If someone is in pain and calls the office and presses option two, it goes directly to my cellphone. When someone is visiting South Florida – and we do have a lot of snowbirds – many of these people are in town on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and we see patients on the weekends. I know how important that is for someone who is in a dire situation.”


Sit Back, Relax 

Regency Court Dentistry provides comprehensive care in a comfortable, relaxed environment. They specialize in denture repairs, extractions, root canals and crown repair.

For patients like Mr. Long, Dr. Fatmi and his staff work hard to ensure that every experience in the office is pleasant and relaxing.  Dr. Fatmi works closely with each patient to ease their fears and is forthcoming about what lies ahead.

“We treat people with dignity and compassion from beginning to end,” he assures. “We want you to feel comfortable and at ease throughout your experience.”

“We do see a lot of people who are anxious at first,” he explains. “Mr. Long was one of those patients. He was hesitant, only because it had been a while since he had seen a dentist. He was very self-conscious. Because of his work as an entertainer, he never took the time to address his dental issues. There were many factors involved, and he was truly grateful that we were honest with our recommendations.”

“We are very open with patients and explain what their options are and how we can proceed to help them achieve a healthier smile. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with the patient to achieve good oral health.”

Under one roof
In addition to the abscess, Mr. Long underwent several root canals as well as treatment for periodontal disease. He was thankful for Dr. Fatmi’s knowledge, expertise and ability to provide many procedures under one roof.

“In Mr. Long’s case, as with other patients, we were able to take care of everything right here in our office without sending him out to a specialist. He was very grateful for that.”

Dental services available at Regency Court Dentistry include crowns, dental implants, Invisalign, veneers, inlays and onlays, and whitening.

“Dental implants offer great benefits for denture wearers by providing tremendously improved stabilization and function with implant-supported overdentures, when compared to conventional dentures that have no mechanical or physical attachment to the jaw,” explains Dr. Fatmi.

“However, implants are also great for replacing individual teeth. When a tooth is missing, the only way to restore that missing tooth, other than utilizing a dental implant, is with a removable clamp, or removable partial denture. The problem is that this clamp can stress the adjacent teeth that it clasps onto, and has greatly reduced function, chewing force and aesthetic appeal compared to permanent [non-removable] crowns attached to implants.

Many patients are pleased to discover that they can get their old silver fillings replaced with a newer material made from either a resin or porcelain composite, a significant improvement and often a prelude to a whitening treatment.

Veneers are a more advanced cosmetic option, and may be appropriate for a variety of dental conditions seen in front teeth, particularly gaps between teeth, stained fillings, permanently discolored teeth and chipped or crooked teeth.Mr. Long received comprehensive dental care from Dr. Naved Fatmi of Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton.

Reason To Smile

In addition to offering complete dental services, Regency Court Dentistry is a true citizen of the Boca Raton area. Dr. Fatmi and his staff participate in many local events and outreach programs such as providing Head Start dental exams conducted at Florence Fuller Child Development Centers, and The Arc of The Glades program on behalf of the Dental Home Initiative for people with developmental disabilities.

“We are proud of the results we provide our patients, and are especially pleased to play an active role in our community,” concludes Dr. Fatmi. “Going to the dentist should not be a scary or traumatic event, and we invite even those who are nervous about needed dental work to come in and let us help them.”

Mr. Long, for one, is glad that he set his dental fears aside.

“Dr. Fatmi gave me a new reason to smile,” he relays. “I was hesitant to go to dentists for many years, which I am sure contributed to my situation, but not anymore. I am thankful I found him, really.

“As an entertainer, I am always on the road and rarely have my feet planted firmly in one place for too long, but now I know that I have found a dentist that I can trust and I know right where to find him,” he adds.

Mr. Long highly recommends Dr. Fatmi and his staff to anyone needing a reputable, knowledgeable dentist in the Boca Raton area.

“They are top-notch and will go above and beyond to make you comfortable and to take care of all of your needs.  Now, I am no longer shy about performing because of my smile. I have a new, brighter reason to smile again!”
FHCN article by Judy Wade.