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16 May

When Sharon Eisenstein tripped one night and fell on her outside patio, she chipped her two front teeth and found herself in need of emergency dentistry.  Sharon Eisenstein received comprehensive dentistry and cosmetic services at Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton.

After staying up until the early morning hours searching for a dentist in her area, Sharon found Regency Court Dentistry in Boca Raton.

“I was searching online and I found them; they were close by my home,” she shares. “I needed to get into an office right away, as soon as someone was open the next day. I left a message on their machine, and they called me as soon as the office was open and got me in that same morning.”

What impressed Sharon the most about that phone call was that Naved Fatmi, DMD, was on the other end of the line.

“Dr. Fatmi was the one who called me back, not the nurse or the receptionist – it was Dr. Fatmi. I was so amazed by that. He wanted to know what happened, and he reassured me that he could help me. It was that personal service and care that really pulled me in. You just don’t find that anymore.”

To the rescue

Sharon said she assumed it would take several days to repair her chipped teeth, but to her surprise, it took just one day.

“They took impressions of my teeth in the morning, and Dr. Fatmi placed veneers on both teeth that afternoon,” she says.

Veneers are a more advanced cosmetic option, and can be appropriate for a variety of dental conditions seen in front teeth, particularly chipped or crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, stained fillings, or permanently discolored teeth.

“I had never heard of same-day service like that before, and I could not believe it. My teeth were fixed in one day. I was so impressed!”

Sharon says she then began regular dental visits at Regency Court Dentistry for routine cleanings and exams.

“I had always been apprehensive about going to the dentist because of childhood experiences,” she recalls. “But, they are awesome at Regency Court!”

For patients like Sharon who are shy about seeing a dentist, Dr. Fatmi and his staff work hard to ensure their experience in the office is pleasant and relaxing.

“We treat people with care and compassion,” Dr. Fatmi assures. “We want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease throughout their experience. We work hard to eradicate any fears and build a relationship with every patient.”

Dr. Fatmi says an important part of the reassuring process is to be forthcoming with patients about the procedures and processes involved in their care.

“We are very open with patients and explain what their options are and how we can proceed to help them achieve a healthier smile. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with each individual to achieve good oral health.”

“Dr. Fatmi is very soothing and makes you feel very relaxed because he tells you everything he is going to do from start to finish,” Sharon confirms. “He is open and honest. That makes a difference. Now, I look forward to my appointments.”

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