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Client Testimonials

“The night before attending a conference in Boca Raton, I shattered a tooth near the front of my mouth, leaving a gaping hole ( looked like a hockey player).I was 1500 miles from home, so I took a chance on a dentist found on the Internet using search term “emergency dentist Boca Raton”. Tried to check Yelp for the dentist name Naved Fatmi. There wasn't anything. Ordinarily that would have stopped me, but I was desperate. Turns out that Dr. Fatmi had purchased the practice in the last year or so. Not sure how long he has been a dentist, probably 5 years or so.”

“The website had an emergency number so I called at 4:00am. Lisa, the office manager called me around 6:00am and arranged for me to arrive at 9:00. The dentist was doing an emergency surgery, but Crystal, the dental assistant got started on X-rays. I was in the office several hours as they removed the remaining crown,still stuck in my jaw, made a temporary and took impressions for a rush permanent. I only missed two hours of the first meeting.”

“I was leaving the country on Monday and needed to get the permanent done. Dr. Fatmi arranged to get the permanent crown completed by late Thursday. He and Lisa met me at the office in the early am on Friday to install it, before the final day of the conference. Missed 15minutes of the first session, that's all.”

“Keep in mind that I have a awful dental phobia and the smell and noises in a dental office makes me incredibly anxious. Lisa, Crystal and Dr. Fatmi did an outstanding job of relieving the anxiety. The temporary and permanent were both very comfortable and match my existing teeth shade beautifully. There was little or no pain. Dr. Fatmi also took psychology courses while in school ( I asked how he got so good at dealing with my anxiety. I was once asked to leave a practice because “they didn't have time to deal with my anxiety”). The office was clean and well equipped.”

“The only negative was how far the office was from the conference resort,but if you live in the Boca Raton area that isn't an issue. I'm seriously considering flying to the area for my regular dentistry. Really!”

- Lora D

Rosie Small

“Nothing takes years off a person's age faster or more painlessly than whitening their teeth. Dr. Fatmi bleached my teeth yesterday, and immediately I looked ten years younger.”

- Rosie Small


“A root canal was not my idea of meeting a new dentist; however before, during and after the treatment I was very comfortable and thrilled with the results. All of my future cleanings, fillings etc... will not no longer be a concern. Thank you Dr. Fatmi & staff”

- Michael


“I was a bride a week before my wedding and Dr. Naved Fatmi, Naomi, and Dawn proved to be an incredible resource to me. Not only did they provide me with superb dental healthcare but they also did an amazing job whitening my teeth. I really believe this made a difference in achieving those “perfect” wedding pictures on my special day. I am supremely grateful to them!”

- Willa Laskowitz

Dear Dr. Fatmi:

"I’m writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for your wonderful treatment during my recent dental surgery. Normally the insertion of an implant may not be complex, but due to my extenuating circumstances, it was an amazing operation.

As you know, I have had oral cancer and some problems from radiation as a result. This not only made my surgery extremely complex and perhaps risky, but also filled me full of fear and anxiety about the procedure.

After consultation with other dentists, I had no doubt that you fine manner, excellent experience, and great patience would be the reason I chose you. Not only did you calm my fears, but you also performed the procedure with expertise.

You are truly a great dentist. And your staff is excellent too.

Thank you again for all your efforts. I would certainly recommend you to anyone needing any type of dental/oral procedure.

- With sincere gratitude, Elena Fontanazza

"After over ten years with no dental work, I came to Dr. Fatmi for emergency care. I woke one morning with my face swollen from infection. At 6:00 a.m., I called several practices, including Regency Court Dentistry, and Dr. Fatmi returned my call within an hour. Dr. Fatmi asked me to come to his office immediately, extracted as many teeth as possible that day, and referred me to a surgeon who extracted the rest. I had extreme anxiety about dental work, but Dr. Fatmi and his staff are friendly and patient, they’re incredibly gentle, and their humor quickly put me at ease.

Over the following months, Dr. Fatmi planned and carried out an extensive dental care plan, including root canals, a bridge, implants, crowns, veneers, and fillings. He not only referred me to highly qualified and reasonably priced specialists when necessary, but he and his staff coordinated with them to ensure that all parties communicated well about my care plan and scheduled appointments so work was done at appropriate times.

At one point, I had to take an emergency trip out of state, and while I was away, I had problems with an old filling. I didn’t have time to make an emergency visit to a dentist while I was away, but I contacted Dr. Fatmi, and he offered to take care of it when I returned. As soon as my return flight landed at around 9:00 p.m., I headed straight to Regency Court Dentistry, where Dr. Fatmi and his staff met me to fix the issue.

Dr. Fatmi understands my concerns, listens to my questions, and explains procedures clearly. He and his staff consistently followed up with me after appointments and made sure labs took care of their work promptly. They also negotiated prices with the labs and the specialists to find me the best possible prices. He and his staff take special interest in every client and are fantastic at working with each client to provide personalized care. They treat clients as people—not as patients. More importantly to me, they gave me the smile that I had been missing for so many years. Being able to smile again has allowed me to show and spread the happiness I already felt, and I cannot adequately express my appreciation for their ability to put me at ease while they carried out the care plan. I am overwhelmingly grateful, and it’s such a comfort to know that I can trust them with my dental care in the future."

- Satisfied Patient

"For the past 2 years I've been a contented and very satisfied patient of Dr. Naved Fatmi who has successfully performed on me many dental procedures. Yesterday, I had 9 lower teeth extracted, including 3 bridges and a Hiossen Implant into my right lower jaw bone. With the combination of your excellent product and the dental expertise of Dr. Fatmi, the procedure not only went extremely well but after the Novocain wore off - I amazingly HAD NO PAIN!

In a few months I will be having another of your implants into my lower left jaw bone and I just know the procedure will be as successful as the one yesterday. "

- Sincerely, Cecile M

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